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Recognised as an advanced alternative to concrete mattress and rock dumping, the Filter Unit Ridgeway Rockbag® is a trusted solution for protecting subsea foundations and cables and has established a track record in relation to offshore wind rounds 1 and 2. 

Designed to encase the stone, preventing it from breaking down and migrating from its location, the rockbags offer a long-term maintenance free protection solution. Installation is achieved using high resolution sonar imaging, ROV, Utrov or by divers. However, it should be highlighted that a diver in the water is not essential during installation, using ROV or sonar has proven to be the most efficient method of installation which significantly reduces health and safety risks and insurances.

Studies by offshore developers have shown that due to their flexibility the units put less stress on subsea cables both during and after installation therefore virtually eliminating the risk of damage.

Once installed the Kyowa Filter Unit Ridgeway Rockbags® can be easily retrieved or decommissioned when the wind farm has reached its end of life.

The Kyowa filter unit has a proven track record in UK and Irish waters as a simple and cost-effective solution for protecting the subsea foundations and cables of an offshore wind farm.

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