Rockbags® & Aquaculture

Introduced into the U.K. and Europe by Ridgeway and Sumitomo in 2009. We have been busy listening, learning and promoting the offshore applications and benefits of the Kwoya Filter Units. More commonly referred to by the offshore and marine markets as “Rockbags®

Designed originally as an effective means of “filter layer” scour protection for subsea structures in dynamic seabeds and challenging velocities. 

The Kyowa Filter Unit Rockbags® have evolved to become a significant technical product.

They have proven a safe, 100% recycled clean engineering solution. Rockbags® have innovative options on size and product specification

Expanded Use

The knowledge base and expertise learned from severe Japanese weather conditions has expanded the use of the Rockbags® over many decades. Benefitting civil engineering applications and marine infrastructure, protecting cables, pipelines, and seabed correction. Patent protected for various applications (Patent Nos EP2341592, EP2348215 and EP2354535  the Rockbags®, used in combination with other traditional methods of cable and scour protection, add value to the solutions toolkit of marine contractors.

Ridgeway work with clients providing tools for stability calculations, CFD, excessive performance testing and modelling. Ensuring trusted environmental subsea performance during their lifetime and importantly safe decommissioning.

Aquaculture Ecosystem

Once installed the filter unit Rockbags® create their own ecosystem encouraging the regeneration of aquaculture environments, this aspect has become important for developers adding real value environmental engineering and sustainability in their subsea solutions.

In addition to this, Ridgeway have established a comprehensive geographical stock network of fast response capability for filled Rockbags® under hook at ports throughout Europe utilising local labour and logistics.

Proven Track Record

Ridgeway have now a significant project track record including flagship projects such as Teesside Offshore Wind Farm by EDF Energy Renewables. A world first in 2013 using Filter Unit Rockbags® for scour protection on monopiles. It has also won contracts for works in Ireland at Arklow Bank, in Scotland at Beatrice, in England on Robin Rigg constructed by German provider E.ON, Gwynt y Môr wind farm in Wales (RWE Renewables UK) and other E.ON’s schemes such as Humber Gateway and Rampion.


Rockbags Aquaculture
Rockbags Aquaculture
Rockbags Aquaculture
Rockbags Aquaculture