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Recognised by the Oil & Gas sector as an innovative solution, Filter unit Ridgeway Rockbags® have been used widely in the Northern North Sea for subsea asset protection.

Proven to provide a solution against spans, the flexible nature and versatility of the Filter unit Ridgeway Rockbags® allow it to be installed under flowlines and umbilicals, effectively adapting to the undulating topography of the seabed.

The 8T Ridgeway Rockbag® offers the ability to accurately “spot dump” 8 tonnes of loose stone in one concentrated area.   This option offers a method of protecting assets located in areas restricted to certain sizes of vessels or if an asset requires a small amount of loose rock effectively eliminating the need for an expensive rock dumping vessel.

Installation is achieved with an ROV and high-resolution sonar imaging which significantly reduces health and safety risks. Once installed the Ridgeway Rockbags® will last a minimum of 50 years in saline water and can be installed as a temporary or permanent solution for subsea asset protection.

Ridgeway Rockbags® can be easily decommissioned or retrieved once the asset has reached its end of life. The one-point lifting ring, that remains as part the product after installation, makes the decommissioning process simple and cost effective.

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