Innovative use of Filter Units at Sea Coastal Defence Scheme

Boskalis Install Filter Units on Clacton and Holland on Sea Coastal Defence Scheme

Boskalis Westminster UK installed 4T Eco-green filter units to allow water to flow freely from a number of outlet pipes located along the sea front of the Clacton and Holland-on-Sea beaches.

The filter unit is a scour protection solution, however, innovative thinking from the consulting engineers, Mott MacDonald, recognised the filter units versatility and applied it for this application.

The concern with the outfall pipes was that material would build up around them and potentially block the water flow, as the filter unit is a porous structure it will allow water to flow through it, preventing any blockages.

In addition, as Clacton & Holland-on-Sea are both very popular destinations during the summer season and are used by local residences all year round, the consulting engineers ensured that they had a solution that would not be a risk or would not cause injury to beach users if exposed due to a lowering of the beach profile.

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