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Designed and patent protected specifically for the marine environment the Kyowa Filter Units, known as Ridgeway Rockbags® in Europe and the UK, have a range of applications for the offshore and marine civil engineering sectors.

Made of 100% recycled polyester (PET) and constructed using a unique form of knitting, known as Raschel, the filter unit is a rock filled bag filled with aggregate making it a very flexible solution for marine construction work.

Available in 3 sizes (2, 4 & 8 tonne) the Units have a safety factor of 6 and feature a one-point lifting ring for fast and accurate installation. Unlike concrete mattresses, Ridgeway Rockbags® are produced easily and quickly with no down time waiting for concrete to dry or set.

The Units are a proven solution for preventing erosion or scour caused hydrodynamic forces, they also fit harmoniously into the marine environment. Small fish, plants and other aquatic life can live in the interstices inside the Units which form a natural habitat for marine flora and fauna.

Ridgeway have partnered with Kyowa and are the recognised official distributors of the patented filter unit Ridgeway Rockbags® in Europe and the UK.

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