Emergency and Temporary Solutions

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Kyowa Filter Units Ridgeway Rockbags® have several applications in preventing erosion prior to a flooding event as well as stabilising areas where damage has been caused by flooding.

They are also used for the construction of temporary roads or dykes to facilitate construction work.  The unique one point lifting ring allows the product to be easily installed and recovered from a temporary application with the option of being reused or relocated for a separate application.

Ideal for situations where fast response, ease of installation and versatility is important, they have many applications for emergency works.  Filter units can be filled on site minimising logistical costs whilst offering a fast response solution to protect and shore up river banks prior or post flood events.  Filling time (e.g. 2T filter unit:  5 minutes) is an additional feature of the product making it very adaptable and versatile for emergency civil engineering works.

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