Elebia hook lifting Kyowa Filter Unit Rockbags®.

The Elebia remote control magnetic hook is a powerful and versatile lifting tool capable of lifting heavy loads with ease. Recently it was used by Ridgeway Rockbags® to lift a 4-tonne Kyowa Filter Unit Rockbags®.

The Kyowa Filter Unit Rockbags® is a large and heavy engineered solution that is commonly used in large flood protection schemes and offshore wind development sites. It is essential for the protection of foundations and cables within the marine environment and its weight and size often make it difficult to manoeuver around.

However, with the help of the Elebia remote control magnetic hook, Ridgeway Rockbags® was able to lift the Kyowa Filter Unit Rockbags® effortlessly. The magnetic hook is designed to attach to the load securely, and the remote-control feature allows the operator to control the lifting process from a safe distance.

We are just one of many businesses that have benefited from the Elebia remote control magnetic hook. It is a reliable and efficient lifting solution that can save time, reduce costs, and improve safety on any job site.

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