Kyowa Filter Units deployed to protect pipeline

Riverbank reinforcement
Our Kyowa Filter Units, known in the UK as Rockbags, have been successfully used to provide improved protection for a waste water outfall pipe. 4t Units supplied by Ridgeway have been installed over the pipeline to provide protection from scour damage, while at the same time benefiting the surrounding marine environment. The Rockbag is comprised simply of mesh net and rocks, creating the ideal marine environment for small fish and plants to colonise. When the Rockbags are delivered to site they are lifted down onto the beach where the excavator carries them out to the low water mark. They are then installed over the existing waste water discharge pipe.  They are placed in twos from low water along the pipe back to the cliff face, protecting the pipeline where the main pipe was exposed to open water and the risk of damage or rupture, which could cause environmental pollution.
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